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Since 1986, MRA has successfully recruited more than 1400 field management and Home Office executives into positions ranging from company president to product specialist. While cutting across channels such as career, brokerage, PPGA, broker/dealers and wirehouses, the common denominator in MRAšs management recruiting is a focus on building distribution.

As a by-product of making over 100,000 phone calls per year into the financial services arena, MRA obtains the most current data on personnel, strategies and compensation programs being utilized in the marketplace. MRA then teams with its clients using up-to-date competitive intelligence to recruit the top management performers in the industry.

It is not unusual for clients to think of a search firm strictly as a source of names of potential candidates. Although research is important, it represents only 20% of MRAšs contribution to a clientšs recruiting success. More critical is MRAšs ability to motivate the candidate to take action. Another important aspect of the process is working with the clients to design incentive compensation and transitional subsidy packages that help reinforce a leading candidatešs decision to join a particular company.

MRA is compensated for its executive search services through a unique schedule of flat fees and retainers. Unlike the standard industry fee, which is based on a percentage of projected annual income, MRA offers its clients an approach that will maximize the productivity of the available recruiting budget.

By working closely with each client to understand its culture, goals and sales metrics, MRA provides executive search services that ensure only the most appropriate candidate is hired.


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